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Sitka was launched in 2002 by two college guys making custom surfboards and hoodies in Victoria, BC.

Since then, it has grown to become a highly sought-after West Coast lifestyle brand, generating millions in revenue.

Based on demand, we are now offering the opportunity to apply to own a Sitka Outpost in select locations worldwide.

Applications will be open for a limited time.*  You're invited.

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Sitka has retailed in over 200 stores across Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan and Indonesia.

"Sitka is the Patagonia for millennials"

R. Holland

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What is a Sitka Outpost?

A Business you can be Proud to Own



Our products are built to last, and inspired by the culture and tradition of the Canadian coast.

Our shop floors display a curated assortment of products that reflect the uniqueness of each community we are in, factoring in climate, environment, locally-made products, community causes, and overall demand.

THE SITKA OUTPOST also provides a place for people to learn about the natural world, engage with knowledgeable staff and find the Sitka goods necessary to explore the great outdoors.



Be a part of our iconic brand.


All product elements are designed and considered with clear functional intentions.


Robust standards defined for the quantification of craftsmanship, fit, and longevity.


Guidelines for best practice sustainable raw materials, low impact supply chain, and end of use.


All Sitka products follow our mandate to be designed and manufactured in Canada and USA.

Why Sitka?

We carved out a new way of doing business

Since 2002, Sitka has generated multi-millions in retail sales, and ranks higher in sales per square foot than some of the most successful retailers in North America. (Source:CRBE) We're excited to share with you Sitka's powerful global community of loyal friends, and our years of experience, to give you a leg up with your Outpost. AND, Sitka doesn't just sell clothing. We combined a for-profit retail/wholesale business and an active non-profit society, because, at our core... we are in business to advocate for the wild places we love. 

Sitka’s non-profit organization, Sitka Society for Conservation (SSC), is committed to conserving lands, waters and ensuring the sustainability of communities. Every purchase at a Sitka Outpost will contribute at least 1% For The Planet, which will perpetuate the growth and outreach to prospects of the SSC and its adopted initiatives for each locale. 
Environmental stewardship is at the heart of everything we do;
Our vision is to Create a World in Balance.

   "B.C. lifestyle brand, Sitka, merges hip West Coast style with a passion for the planet."
-- The Vancouver Sun


In the words of our customers...

Sitka is more than just an apparel and accessory company, it's a LIFESTYLE company. They prepare both body and mind for the next ADVENTURE.”

"...there's always something UNEXPECTED, like the Hobo, an eating utensil swiss-army knife!"

"Laundry day sucks because it means I can’t wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY."

"Great connections with the OUTDOORS and lots of COOL side projects and collaborations..."



"Environmentally minded, high quality clothing that is GORGEOUS."

"Sitka's strengths are their dedication to environmental conservation and the HIGH QUALITY of clothes they sell."

"...the stores are carefully designed to make use of RECLAIMED and environmentally-friendly materials."

"Sitka is a very GROUNDED company with GREAT VALUES that makes it easy for the customer to connect."

"WOODSY, comfortable, and highly dependable clothing from a company I truly ADMIRE." 

Why Now, and Why You?

You asked for it!

Throughout Sitka’s 13 year history, there have been multiple offers from people who wanted to bring Sitka to their part of the world.

"Having access to a brand so focused on building and becoming a community means that the Sitka lifestyle can have quick and genuine uptake within just about any community or town across the globe. In a market flooded with retailers stocking the same, big-name soulless brands, Sitka has filled the gap on supplying quality products, designed with a purpose."
                                                                                                               - Andrew Howson, Owner, Sitka New Zealand.

We have an audacious goal to build a future where conservation is in balance with consumerism, and we believe the best way to accomplish this is to do it together - collectively. That's where you come in.

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IF YOU are someone who takes chances,
believes in making a difference,
and sees life as an epic journey,
we want to hear from you.

The Founders

Rene Gauthier Sitka

Rene Gauthier

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Surfer, cyclist, and entrepreneur with a leadership attitude that empowers others to create a world in balance. From his days as a tree-planting crew boss in the deep woods, to Sitka's CEO today, Rene has always had the grit to lead a team through the wilderness of nature or the boardroom.

When he’s not inspiring the Sitka team at work, he's enjoying friends and family, or cycling to one of the Gulf Islands with his dog, Bandit, on his back.

Andrew Paine Sitka

Andrew Paine


Surfer, angler, conservationist. Andrew sees opportunities around every corner. Creator of the handmade, best-selling AP Sandlance Spoon. You can find him coming up with more great ideas, or fishing with his wife, two boys, and dog along the West Coast.

Andrew studied at the University of Victoria's School of Business where he met his business partner, Rene.

Belong to a movement. Make an impact.

Gimme More Info

* Sitka does not currently offer franchises, nor is this an offer to purchase a franchise.  When we officially launch the opportunity to purchase a Sitka Outpost, we will provide all required legal agreements including the full Franchise Disclosure Document.

GET NOTIFIED FIRST: Because of the demand for prime territories, we will only be accepting applications during a TWO-WEEK PERIOD on a first come, first served basis, in the order your enquiry is received. Click EXPLORE NOW to ensure you're at the front of the queue. You won't want to miss out on this.